for Sales Toolbox

Creating a streamlined experience for BAHCO’s
marketing units

The Challenge
With teams in 35 markets and a growing body of knowledge and activity, BAHCO turned to Marketwise64 to streamline its marketing operations. We developed a digital platform to centralize assets, automate requests and standardize reporting procedures, making it easier than ever to build annual marketing plans that drive sales.
Marketing, in a toolbox
A one-stop shop for all marketing needs inspired by BAHCO’s star product, the toolbox.
How it works
Centralized yet customizable: all the marketing information in one place, divided by customizable drawers (Brands, Products, Campaigns, Corporate and more)

Step by step: an easy route to create marketing plans

Interactive: designed to share best practices, test ideas, book customer visits, request materials in local languages
The goal
To simplify communications and increase homogenous reporting across BAHCO’s 35 markets.
of the target audience are regular users of the platform
success rate in the automation of several requests
best practices  shared in the first six months
We maximize the potential of your brand