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Raising awareness about pollution in Spanish homes with Deceuninck

The Challenge
Acoustic and air pollution are an under-researched issue affecting millions of Spanish homes. Commissioned by leading window & door systems manufacturer Deceuninck, Marketwise organized a comprehensive study on the subject to raise awareness about its severe impact on public health.
Reaching out to the experts
To carry out the study, Marketwise selected and interviewed a panel of 13 experts from a broad range of backgrounds which included architecture, environmental engineering, law and public administration. The research was complemented by an online survey with a representative sample of 1000 people from the 6 biggest Spanish cities.
Spreading the message
The study was presented to journalists, industry associations and Deceuninck clients at Madrid’s College of Architects. The panel discussion with 6 of the experts was moderated by a well-known TV journalist and was followed by a media relations campaign. In addition to the final document, we created an infographic to present the key findings, because nothing speaks louder than data.
The goal
To organize and promote a study that can create awareness about the need for homes to be well insulated from outside pollution (acoustic and environmental).
people participated in the online survey
experts shared their knowledge and advice
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